Examples of Bespoke Programmes

Your EDGE specialise in developing new, unique and engaging programmes that support the development of the individuals and communities we serve. We are keen to work with community organisations and individuals to develop programmes that address issues and provide opportunity for learning. 

Working with a variety of organisations we have been able to develop programmes around a variety of life and employability skills which specifically address the issues, develop the knowledge or increase the social capacity of those identified. If you have identified specific requirements that are not addressed in any of the courses shown on this website please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are keen to work with you to design bespoke programme that will support the individuals and communities we aim to support. 

Below are a number of examples of courses we’ve provided in the past including


Do and Develop has been designed to provide young people with support and guidance during the most crucial years of their high school career, starting from year 9 till year 11. Do and develop provides young people with three elements of support. 

• The first element will be the development of self-esteem and group relationships through informal youth work activity. 

• Element two will incorporate important foundation knowledge such as Health & Safety, Risk assessment, Safeguarding etc… that will provide young people with practical usable knowledge for their own Curriculum Vitae and for the good of the group’s wider aim.

• Leading to element three, the planning, delivery and evaluation of an event chosen by the group for the benefit of their wider community.


The Personal & Professional Development Programme is aimed at individuals who would benefit from developing an understanding of themselves, their abilities and the progression opportunities available to them. It is intended for individuals who are interested in engaging with activity that will enhance key life, functional and professional skills.

Persons completing this course will have a clearer understanding of themselves, and their own ability, helping them set goals and understand the steps to reaching their goals and therefore achieving their aspirations.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or anything connected with our Bespoke Programmes.


The ethos of this programme is that peers demonstrating tolerance and understanding, who appropriate challenge intolerance can support the development of a community ethos that spreads a wider message of acceptance

Our Aim is to develop a number of champions with a tool box of skills relevant to their personalities and peer relationships enabling them to act as positive role models and challenge discrimination. Creating the confidence to hold out a hand, say no to prejudicial behaviour or turn away when it’s easier to go along with the crowd. 

Areas the programme aims to address include

• An exploration of Hate Crime and Hate Incidents

• The law

• Impacts on victims and wider society

• Leadership

• Group mentality and behaviour

• Safely challenging prejudice and incidents of hate


The concept of this programme is that engaging young people aged 14-16 years targeted through local schools who have a really interest in Football but have difficulty engaging positively in informal education. The course will consist of 2 elements.

This programme is designed to develop and engage young people, while opening their minds to their own potential and their interest in core academic subjects. Utilising football and sport in general as the vehicle, we will encourage young people to consider their wider transferable skill base, whilst also asking them how academic knowledge relates to their interests and wider lives.    

Platform One = Interest-academic subject relationship

This first platform is based on the idea that a young person understanding why they are being taught a particular topic/ subject is the first step in a willingness to participate. We take this a level further by relating it to their current interest so they can give it foundation in the present and not just in the future.

We believe that by engaging young people in an academic subject in conjunction with an interest we can increase young people’s curiosity in said subject and potentially increase future motivation. Importantly this element is not designed to teach new knowledge, but rather open individuals eyes to the potential of the subject!

Platform Two = Interest- transferable skill, potential and achievement

Platform two of this programme would be the development of life and employability skills, again utilising football as a vehicle to understand the value of the transferable skills. This element of the programme is designed to develop young people’s understanding and awareness of their individual capabilities and potential while also allowing them to understand the overarching skills, qualities and techniques sought by any future employer.  

There are a number of relevant areas this course considers include; understanding of self, C.V writing, presentation skill, negotiation skills and body language. 

Please contact us to discuss your communities/individuals specific requirements or anything connected with our Bespoke Programmes on the contact information provided on this website.